A Vagabond and A Wizard

When a wandering wizard, chanced upon the Random Paths of a vagabond, thoughts overlapped. For, the wizard could work upon the wheel of words and the vagabond spoke through potent images. Did life stand still when the two exchanged their first greetings? We don't think so, for both joined in a quest of wielding images and powerful thoughts. This blog is a portrait of such efforts...

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Tale of Footprints


Left on the wake

Of dawn...

These were not washed

The waves have not erased
Their presence.

Where the owner

Words by : Wanderer
Picture by : Aritra


nikita said...

why did i dint saw you before !!!!!

wanderer said...

hi, Nikita

I feel you did see footprints before, but yes wizard and vagabond feet are new in this blogsphere...lol. thanks for liking it.

sally said...

i'm wondering if you're old enough to remember a profound author of an equally profound book entitled The Prophet. The author Khalil Gibran have wrote unforgettable and beautiful thoughts on this masterpiece...you remind me of him