A Vagabond and A Wizard

When a wandering wizard, chanced upon the Random Paths of a vagabond, thoughts overlapped. For, the wizard could work upon the wheel of words and the vagabond spoke through potent images. Did life stand still when the two exchanged their first greetings? We don't think so, for both joined in a quest of wielding images and powerful thoughts. This blog is a portrait of such efforts...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mon Kamon Kora Somoy – Timeless Missing



Part 1

You pattered against
My drenched window seal,
I watched you
Touching the glass,
With a silent clang,
And then
Move down
Breaking and joining
The others
The little thin streams
That collected
Into  little puddle
On the other side

You have been knocking
At my window since dawn

I have been watching your every move,
Tracing your path with my
Shy yet determined fingers,
Sometimes watching
You getting gathered
Into confident droplets
You pattered ceaseless
As I watched you
From the other side.


Part 2

I recall your smile
Among the patterns made
By those raindrops
On the other side of my
Close window.
I recall
How your wet hair
Laid carelessly
Over your shoulders
After that refreshing bath
I recall how soft yet delightful
Your long fingers
Could draw sensations
Over me

But the raindrops and the little streams
That keeps following
Alone the window pane
Is tortuously quiet
It never breathes
Like you do
Over my ears
It never giggles
Even when the lightening strikes
The clouds grumble
Like you do
After my attempts
To make a joke

Raining for a while now,
Raining on, reminding
Me of moments shared
I miss you, beside
My empty self.


Words by : Wanderer
Picture by : Aritra