A Vagabond and A Wizard

When a wandering wizard, chanced upon the Random Paths of a vagabond, thoughts overlapped. For, the wizard could work upon the wheel of words and the vagabond spoke through potent images. Did life stand still when the two exchanged their first greetings? We don't think so, for both joined in a quest of wielding images and powerful thoughts. This blog is a portrait of such efforts...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Her Anklets Whisper

Her anklets whisper
To the nearby grass blades,
The reclining sun
Will come again
The day might be
Drawing close
The evening 
Might soothe
Her soul
But she is waiting
For the new day
To come 
To hold her close
To tell her
"Your anklets
Told me,
You were here

Words by : Wanderer
Picture by : Aritra


ritesh said...

nice.onc again u rose to the occasion n spun a tale even though the pic didn't provide much to write abt, yet u came up wd a brilliant theme.

wanderer said...

@ Ritesh... The image had its own story. Honestly speaking it was taken from the perspective of a boy/man. I initially thought of writing it from a man's perspective...but I failed miserably. So wrote the poem down from a girl's perspective, which I believe does little justice to the main idea present in the image.

Timir's said...

i feel some how the spark goes missing. will wait for the next one. take your time :)

wanderer said...

OK OK.. I will get back with better ones I promises, though I like the image pretty much, but somehow...hope I write better next time.

Zave said...

The story of the Anklet, is it?
A neglected object made the protagonist.
I wonder how many could do that?

wanderer said...

@Zave...now that is a new perspective altogether.good point my friend. Seems like you saw it from a new angle, ignored so far...

nikita said...

such beautiful words !!!

a die for romantic person you are,,,

wanderer said...

@ nikita--yes we both are romantics in two different ways...

the vagabond is in love with images, and I have fallen for words, verses and the like.

thanks dears for dropping in.

Jingle Poetry said...

mind blowing piece.
Glad to meet you.

sally said...

i love this..it reminds me of story I've read somewhere.. about a student writer who failed miserably to impress his instructor. So one day, he gathered all his wits and asked his instructor why he gave him a C on his preliminary exam. The instructor said that writing about something grand doesn't necessarily mean it's great. Why not write about something common or anything less exciting instead? Just be observant and write about it...

Jingle Poetry said...

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