A Vagabond and A Wizard

When a wandering wizard, chanced upon the Random Paths of a vagabond, thoughts overlapped. For, the wizard could work upon the wheel of words and the vagabond spoke through potent images. Did life stand still when the two exchanged their first greetings? We don't think so, for both joined in a quest of wielding images and powerful thoughts. This blog is a portrait of such efforts...

Friday, June 11, 2010



The more I recall
The more it pains
The gushing winds
The falling leaves
The parting soul
The visible darkness
The lovely shadow
Still remains...
Words would never fill the gap
Tears would never call him back
Sighs would moan the moments-
Perhaps, lost in the ocean of love.

Words by : Wanderer
Picture by : Aritra

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So little time…

lttle tymIt is burning out,
The blue hue,
That hold the songs of life,
The power of knowledge,
And the smokey death,
The filter,
What filters
My hopes or agonies,
My joy or pain,
The yellow helium
Proves nothing more,
Nothing apart from
The strange delirium,
The late night trace,
I keep suffering from.

Words by : Wanderer
Picture by : Aritra